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2D People Archviz - Blender Addon

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What is 2DPeople?

2D People is a Blender add-on that allows you to add 2d people to your projects from your 2D library's fast, precise and with full control of it, from a UI Panel. By using this addon you can greatly streamline your post-production workflow, as it eliminates the need to manually import one by one then adjust the placement, scaling, lighting, angle for the camera, etc.


1- Go to “Edit” in the Top Bar and choose “preferences.” The preferences window will open. On the left side are several tabs. Select the tab labeled “Add-Ons” Then From the preferences window, click the “Install” button on the top right. Navigate to the location on your computer where the stored .zip file for the add-on is located. Select the file. Click Install Addon.

2- Now you will have a 3D View UI side panel called "2DPeople"

Preview how to Use it

Set Images Folder: Pick the folder of your 2D PNG assets library.

Height: Set the height of the people to import.

Random Image: Add a Random image from your 2d library to the 3d cursor location.

New Random Image: Change the previous random image if you don't like it with another random image.

Selected Image: Add the selected 2d image from the above gallery.

Mirror Side: Mirror the 2D image to the opposite side ideal to match the scene light with the 2d image.

Rotate Images to Camera: Rotate instantly all the selected 2d people to face to the camera view.

Add Auto Face Camera: Set to all the selected 2d images a constraint to automatically face to camera.

Remove Auto Face Camera: Remove from all the selected 2d images the auto face to camera.

Select All 2D People: Automatically select to you all the existent 2d people on the scene.

Add color correction: Add to the selected 2d image a color correction node.

Color Correction Tune: Where you can tweak and tune the 2d images tones for Hue, saturation and brightness.

Before you buy

Be aware before you buy that 2D People Arch Viz Add-on does not include any 2D images library.

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Blender 2d People Addon V1.0

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2D People Archviz - Blender Addon

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